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(Reviewed by the editorial board member V. Mykhailov) The main purpose of this paper is to study the optimal conditions for rational degassing during gas-hazardous mines operation and cost-effectiveness to ensure safe operation, to increase coal production and to use the produced gas commercially.The work methodology is complex and combines mining-technological and economic components. The first step was toanalyze the results of the project degassing, which was held directly in the field CG "Pokrovske", and define the main parametersaffecting the efficiency of degassing. The parameters of drilling conducted on CG "Pokrovske" in 2012 were generalized. Thenext step was to establish a correlation between the parameters of drilling speed and lava promotion. The data on real drillingperformance achieved in the implementation of degassing project showed that the average drilling speed was now about 100 mper day against the previous years' average of 500 m per month. The formulas for determining annuity from the drilling organization operations are given. The final stage of the research was to determine the optimum drilling performance fordegassing at an economically favorable, rational expediency and efficiency level. The obtained results revealed that the main parameters affecting the efficiency of degassing are drilling speed, optimization
of degasification wells construction, as well as calculation of the effective well spacing and timing of their preparation for the lavas approach. It has been found out that the main factors to achieve efficiency of operation include cutting down on wages of
the workers engaged in servicing rigs, due to drilling speeds, and decreasing investments into the construction of wells. Empha-
sis is laid on the need for integrated development of the existing fields, which combines degassing with coal mining. Scientific novelty of the paper is in the development of formulas for calculating the drilling organization's annual income de-
pending on drilling speed characteristics. Fast drilling technology offers clear advantages as compared to the conventional one.
The practical application of the paper is in determining the optimum speed and drilling conditions that ensure cost-effective degassing. The theoretical assumptions were confirmed by the results obtained from using the fast drilling operation technology
developed by "Donetsksteel".