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Visnyk Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv

Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice Statement

  1. Visnyk is an international journal with full text electronic access. We are committed to upholding high standards of publication ethics in Geosciences to provide our readers with a reliable source of information. To attain this goal we adhere to the principles of Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement in compliance with the Elsevier Ethics in Research and Publication Program,Committee on Publication Ethics(COPE), Best Practice in Scholarly Publishing, and Academic Integrity Code established by Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. Any articles falling short of the standards will be rejected should malpractice be proven at any time following the publication.Visnyk reviewers are checking all papers for plagiarism, fabrication, falsification, and improper use of humans or animals in research. In accordance with the Academic Integrity Code, we will report any cases of suspected academic integrity failure, plagiarism or duplicate publishing.

  2. Authorsof Visnyk must ensure that they have written original works that provide new findings in Geosciences. In addition, they ought to ensure that the manuscript has not been issued elsewhere in Ukraine or abroad. Any information, data, pictures, tables, photos by other authors or copied parts from other sources should be appropriately cited and referenced. Authors are also responsible for proofreading before submitting the article. For cases of misunderstanding to be prevented among members of the scientific community, authors will ensure perfect command and mastery of the English language. Authors submitting their works to the journal for publication confirm that the submitted materials are novel and have validated original research results. Any printed or electronic parts of other contributors' materials or online sources should be appropriately credited and referenced. Any financial or intellectual support that might relate to the results of the paper is strictly advised to be clarified in acknowledgment. The authors must be agreed to theEthics and Publication Malpractice Statementof the journal, rules and procedures of peer review and publication processes. The paper having been submitted, the authors are requested to correspond with the Publications and Communications Manager until peer review concludes approval and publication proceedings commence.

  3. Editorsof Visnyk are to ensure a fair peer-review of the articles submitted for publication. They ought to prevent any conflicts between the author, reviewers and Editorial Board. Editors will also ensure that all the information related to submitted manuscripts be kept strictly confidential before publishing. The Executive Editor of Visnyk jointly with the Deputy Executive Editor and Executive Secretary coordinate the work of the editors.

  4. Reviewersof Visnyk are members of the Editorial Board. If need be, independent reviewers will be invited, who are qualified to review the research results in a specific research area. The reviewers should evaluate manuscripts based on content without regard to ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, citizenship, religious beliefs or political views of the authors. They are to ensure that all the information related to submitted manuscripts be kept confidential and to report to the Executive Editor if aware of copyright infringement or plagiarism in the submitted manuscripts. Reviewers must provide an objective evaluation of the submitted materials and define their contribution to Geosciences, novelty and relevance. The results of the review together with the reviewer opinions with supporting arguments must be clearly worded in the review form. Personal criticism of the author is inappropriate. If the reviewer does not feel to be in a position to review or knows that a prompt review will be impossible, the Executive Editor should be notified. Unpublished materials from submitted manuscripts must not be used by anybody without the consent of the author.