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Visnyk Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv

Visnyk of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv: Geology, 2010/N49
Prodayvoda G., Vyzhva . Mathematical modeling of seismic wave field in the geological environment with one-directed system of cracks
Andrushenko V., Kurgansky V., Bugriy V. The monitoring of boring process based on using of vibroacoustic borehole researches
Kendzera A., Semenova Y. Allowing for amplitude-frequency characteristics of the ground layer at the seismic risk microzoning of building site in Odessa
Reva N., Onischuk V., Onischuk I. About investigation of anisotropic sections with dipole set
Bezrodna I. Mathematical modeling of the influence of the crack and cavern orientation on the anisotropy of elastic and acoustic properties of the carbonate reservoirs
Topoliuk O., Trypilskyi O. Character of migration focuses of earthquakes in the central part of Carpathian region
Bondar K., Virshylo I., Gordienko T. agnetostratigraphy and anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility of clay deposits from athlantida cave
Kurovets S., Zderka T., Saban V. To the question of influence of micro fracturing on the feature of oil extraction from the Oligocene breeds-collectors of Nadvirna oil and gas field district
Vyzhva S., Tsyupa I., Onischuk I. Dynamics of flooding processes in the central part of the National Complex "Expocentre of Ukraine" according geophysical research
Koshliakov O., Koshliakova T. Underground water chemical composition changes of water complex in deposits of the middle and upper Jurassic ivanytska svita and the lower and upper Cretaceous zahorivska, zhuravynska, buromska svitas in Kyiv under the influence of long-term exploitation
Ivanik O. Structural and functional types of geological environment and hazardous geological processes influence on transport nature-technical systems
Saprykin V., Bugai D., Skalskij O., Van Meir N. Estimation of unsaturated hydraulic conductivity of sandy soils based on monitoring of moisture content of soil profile after rainfalls
Savchenko Y. Analyze of main factors of influence on the strength properties of loess rocks (based on the city of Kyiv)
Shevchenko O., Zavertalyuk T. Base of boundaries and time of mineral waters autochthonous occurrence exploitation for equilibrium genetic coefficient
Melnichuk V. Estimation of fitness of tuffs layer in lower-vendian trap-rocks Volino-Podillya flags for burial of radio-active wastes